LIGHT4 had the pleasure to collaborate with architect Gloria Greggio developing the lighting design of a private villa. The product BRICK from brand Façon De Venise, design by Brian Rasmussen, creates large custom installations on the walls of the house using natural fabric. Special thanks to Atmosphere Illuminazione, Rovigo.



German "Delikatesse" meets italian design. LIGHT4 has been chosen to illuminate the shops/bistros of the succesfull brand: VINZENZMURR, Bayern, Gemany. We have chosen MISSTRASS in various sizes and versions that, with it's elements in PMMA, gives a sensation of luxury and creativity to the interiors. The color LIME of the octagons is the perfect combination with the natural wood of VINZENZMURR. We are very proud of this new collaboration. A special thanks to Interior Collection by Niky Szilagyi & Florian Vogel. (PDF)

Bloom, by Façon de Venise, is among the main protagonists of the Vera Barindelli's family villa, as shown in the Dear magazine. We are very proud to have realized her dream about a familiar and authentic home. Bloom, designed by Brian Rasmussen, was installed by Light4storeMilano.
Read the DEAR article here

The renovation of the historical archives of Milan Cathedral, which was celebrated last 5th November 2013, wrote a new chapter in the history of this city. In the same way, Light4 added a new chapter to its own history.

The composition Limelight at the center of the Reading Room, thanks to its modular and highly customizable nature, helps to create the right atmosphere, where tradition blends perfectly with the modern design and style. (PDF)

Clothing boutique for man and woman located in the heart of the more fashionable city of Germany, Dusseldorf, welcomes Mistrass by Façon de Venise. Stretching over 2 floors in the main lobby, Mistrass fits perfectly with the intimate and relaxed atmosphere that the boutique has always conveyed to its customers. A special thanks goes to our customer August Frank Gmbh & Co and to the C.Wirschke Gmbh.

At the core of all our projects is the idea that the product should be customizable according to the customer personality. Misstrass(Façon de Venise), reproduces perfectly this idea: inside the lobby of the new showroom Centro Veneto del Mobile, in fact, it was decided to install an imposing and scenic Misstrass composition (4x4 meters, 2 meters high, composed by 4316 octagons colored Amber & Crystal). Fully LED lighted (27 LED circuits, for a total of 500W), helps to create a real modern and welcoming atmosphere. Rich of personality, just like Light4.

Modularity & design: it borns BRICK by Light4. Planning and creativity are the elements that characterize BRICK, the new creation of our brand "Façon de Venise". Composed by five basic modules and by as many as twenty different colors, BRICK is the ideal solution for lighting large spaces without having to give up the decorative and estetic side: infinities, then, are the geometries that can be obtained by combining the various modules between them. (PDF)

Atmosphere, relaxation, class and elegance are the characteristics shared by both the Hotel Quadrifoglio Pomigliano D'arco in Naples and the brand Façon de Venise by Light4.

The compositions up and down AQUA and hanging lights BLOOM and AQUA SPHERE, give to the various locations of the hotel the right warm and cozy atmosphere, in perfect Light4 style. (PDF)

The brewery Spiller in Padua, designed by architect Baesso Bernardino, is the first of a long series of successful restaurants, also thanks to the absolutely exclusive internal and external locations.

The gazebos are illuminated by the characteristic and colorful rubber chandeliers SUZANNE and BARBARA from the Façon de Venise collection, which help to create a pleasant and original atmosphere. (PDF)
Lots of space, light and colour to stimulate the imagination and the desire to be a child. The welcome is all that more important when those who are inhabiting the space are having their first experience away from home and are under 100 cm tall: this is the framework for the collaboration between Gabutti Illuminazione and the municipal nursery school in Bascapè. (PDF)
The protagonist of our monthly appointment with customization and project development is Brian Rasmussen’s Aqua, for Façon de Venise. Fantasy has no boundaries in a sea of ocean blue and sky blue lights. Aqua is a maxi creation devised for a large space, aiming at verticality with 5 levels dropping down for over 3 meters to light an elegant lounge room. And finally, how to unite shapes? Through multiple spheres, running all the way from the designer's hand to the final result. (PDF)
Lenbach Palais brightens up with Light4
The legendary Lenbach Palais reopened in October 2012 to become the new Munich’s glamour meeting point. An extensive gastronomic experience developing a 360-degree style concept. Twenty Misstrass Sphere by Façon de Venise were inserted between the lounge bar and the restaurant area to light up the atmosphere. The natural shiny effect of the lamp is highlighted by the original finishings and colours, that can be customised upon request.
Contract News: Crowne Plaza, St. Petersburg

A bridge from the Baltic to the Adriatic by Façon de Venise. The recently restyled Crowne Plaza in St. Petersburg, Russia, features two best selling products of the Façon de Venise brand and highlights their versatility. A long sequence of Misstrass, in transparent crystal glass, stretches a few metres along the cocktail bar accompanied by bar stools. In addition, a room with burgundy velvet couches is dotted with compositions from the collection by Mauro Marzollo, including a floor lamp and a wall lamp version, with ruby red elements. The lounge area of this prestigious hotel is illuminated with “Aqua” by Brian Rasmussen, with various compositions in creamy white and mocha. (PDF)

Contract News: Brasserie Baroche, Paris
Light4 and Façon de Venise close to the splendid Champs Elysées: Aqua, Bloom and Claude illuminate the nouvelle cuisine of Brasserie Baroche in Paris. Among the fine fragrances of gourmet dishes that include "foie gras" and "riz au lait crémeux", the tables and rooms of this highly popular Parisian restaurant sparkle with lights by Façon de Venise. Rooms, furnished in different styles, host the informal simplicity of Claude, the luminous tube in Pyrex by Lorenzo Bertocco, as well as the vintage elegance of Aqua and the exuberance of Bloom, both by Brian Rasmussen. Whether you are here for a Ricard-based cocktail or for a quick "plat du jour", the light of Façon de Venise will be there to accompany you. (PDF)



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